Coming Soon…

I will be on a brief hiatus for a month or two due to other obligations. And with the Halifax series now complete, I thought I’d drop a preview of things to come… Here are some topics I will be writing about in the near future:

  1. The startling number of unsolved cases involving Native women across Canada
  2. The weird phenomenon of human feet in running shoes that keep turning up on the shores of British Columbia … AND a few notorious unsolved murders that have captured public attention such as:
  3. The Elizabeth Short (AKA The Black Dahlia) homicide
  4. The murder of Jonbenet Ramsey
  5. … and of course more cold cases and unsolved mysteries. I will return to Halifax again later.

More to follow…


3 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Hi, Earl. Working a Nova Scotia cold case for a documentary and wanted to talk to you. Please shoot me an e-mail if so inclined. Thanks!


  2. Hi Earl, I lived in Halifax in 1992 and at that time I was 27. I had an experience with a man whom followed me out the door of the new Sobeys at that time in Tantallon. I have searched the Internet for any photos of the Johnson man who is locked up in BC as I would like to see if I recognize him. If you are interested in hearing my story, please email me below? Tks Pam


    1. Hi Pam, I am interested to know if this was possibly Johnson as well. I can help you with identification if you want to reply to me here and connect?


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