Welcome to The Cellar Door…

The Cellar Door is a gateway to the cold subterranean underworld where secrets rest. It is a place to unearth unsolved cases and bring them to light for further thought and consideration. It is a forum for ideas, theories and possibly tips concerning major crimes and missing persons. This is my memorial to all the victims who’ve suffered at the hands of violence. It is a place to share their tragic stories and honor their lives…. And with any luck, it is a place that might serve as one small door that leads to justice for some poor soul and their loved ones. Stay tuned…..



2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Cellar Door…

  1. I worked at Cdn. Tire when Kimberly McAndrew disappeared. After i had a child , and went back to work in 1997, i was approached by the hfx. police regarding Kimberlys case, with the premise that my first husband may have been involved. I’ve heard nothing since, only what the media reports.


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